Fue hair transplant (Mikrosurgical Follicular Unit Extraction)

This is the latest and most skilled FUE technique.

The micrografts are removed one by one using a micromotor (power-driven) and micropunch tips of less than 1 mm in diameter (0.5-0.8 mm)

The skin in the donor area is better protected and heals in just 3-4 days. There is no scar.  Additional grafts can be taken from the same donor area later on if necessary .MikroFUE is currently the accepted gold standard for modern hair transplantation.

Stages Of A Hair Transplant Process

. Consultation: This is the stage where the doctor develops the patient’s operation plan and creates the hairline design.

. Preparation: This stage incorporates the processes of sterilizing the operation site and the application of local anesthetics.

. Extraction: The process of extracting hair grafts from the donor area of the patient.

. Recipient Site Creation: This is the process of creating recipient sites by following the direction of the existing terminal hairs.

. Transplantation: This is the process of placing the grafts in recipient sites at right angles to hair direction.

Postoperative Processes: This stage incorporates the processes of wound-dressing for the transplanted site and PRP Therapy to speed up the healing process of the operation site.

. Postoperative Care & Hair Wash: This is the washing process that is to be carried out for 10 days. Both the donor and the transplanted area will be sensitive during this period, so it important to carry out the washing process with extra care.

The advantages of the FUE technique

Hair transplantation can result in a more natural-looking and denser appearance.

It is a permanent solution for treating moderate to severe hair loss.

It is a comfortable technique that is designed to ensure patients with the least amount of discomfort, leaving no external scars after the procedure.

FUE hair transplant technique offers patients faster recovery times; They can conveniently return to their daily routine and are able to travel one day after the procedure.

With the right operation plan, no damage will be caused in the donor area and no change in the appearance even after multiple operations.

98% of the transplanted grafts will grow as normal hair

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